Why Your Digital Camera Needs Extended Warranty?

Whether you are a hobby photographer or a professional one, buying a camera takes a lot of thought and deliberation. Before you make your purchase you make sure to check out different stores, go through an endless number of comparisons, ask friends and family for recommendations and read a hell number of reviews and feedback and settle for something only when you are completely satisfied. Now that you have spared so much thought in making sure that you only get the best camera, you must also take the necessary step to save it from unexpected external damages. A camera extended warranty can save you the unnecessary hassle of getting it fixed every time it encounters some problem.

So what exactly is a camera extended warranty? A camera extended warranty can be defined as additional years of protection added to your digital camera after the expiration of manufacturer’s warranty. You can always choose the number of years for which you would like it to be protected. It can be either one year, two years or longer. One of the many advantages of offering an extended warranty is that it offers extensive coverage which is usually not provided by the standard manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your camera. Some of these benefits of camera extended warranty can be listed as follows:

Mechanical and electrical breakdown

Protecting your digital camera with an extended warranty will secure it against any unexpected mechanical/electrical damage. Even if you are careful while using your camera a mechanical/electrical failure can happen anytime and sometimes getting it fixed may cost you as much as buying a new camera. But why risk it when this whopping repair cost can be easily avoided by choosing extended protection.

Genuine Repair

Once you take your prized camera for repair after you want to make sure that it is in good hands. Getting it repaired at an authorized center may cost a lot of money while on the other hand getting it fixed at a local repair center may result in faulty parts being used. Protecting your camera with an extended warranty, on the other hand, will not only guarantee genuine repair parts but will also make sure that it is repaired by highly expert technicians rather than somebody who doesn’t know about the technical aspect of your camera.

Doorstep Repair

Visiting a repair center every time your digital camera encounters any problem can be annoying and time-consuming. An extended warranty, on the other hand, will offer doorstep repair as a part of the many benefits that comes with it. This means that you will no longer be required to find a genuine repair center for your camera leave along parting with your camera for days and months before it can be fixed and you are able to use it again.

Unlimited Repairs

Digital cameras are expensive. They are made of special parts which mean expensive repair if it ever encounters any issue in the long run. In fact, unexpected camera repairs can be really hard on your pocket if you are not judicious with it. Securing it with an extended warranty will make sure that you enjoy unlimited repair without having to pay anything extra. So you no longer have to worry about the repairs if you ever accidentally drop your camera or get it wet when taking that exceptional shot during the rainy season.


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